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Telegraph: There’ll Be Nowhere to Run From the New World Government

There’ll be nowhere to run from the new world government – Telegraph

Now that’s a newspaper headline you don’t see every day. I’m not one to jump on the ‘conspiracy’ band-wagon, but this isn’t even conspiratorial: what we are entering into, and what just happened in Copenhagen, is just out in the open, being talked about by leaders and promoted by the media.

Now to be sure, as far as global warming is concerned, the accord they came up with accomplished little more than what Kyoto accomplished: good will toward reducing emissions. The carbon output of 60 developing nations for an entire year, and all they achieved was good-will? That is of course if you believe CO2 to be a toxic substance, you know, the same substance required for … life. I digress.

However, what was clear from Copenhagen is that a network of nations is emerging as having clear control over the affairs of the people they govern throughout the developed and even developing world (something the third world nations were irate about after the Danish text leak revealed something to this effect). There are some very good arguments particularly pertaining to democracy in this article. Here are some choice quotes (my insertions in brackets):

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The Most Interesting Hacked Email from the UEA’s CRU

In sorting through the tons of data uncovered by “hackers” (or most likely an insider) from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit, the collusion among scientists to thwart dissent is clearly established. The data manipulation of the global temperature of the past 100 years and the Medieval period in particular are the most important finds to me, because it shows the warming and cooling of the Earth’s temperature to be natural, not changed by man’s activities or lack thereof.

However, I was alerted to a rather fascinating email within the assortment of hacked emails apparently sent to a distribution list that doesn’t have a lot to do with the environment or global warming in particular, though it certainly includes that in what is discussed. The person(s) who received this email are not made known in the file. I just find it interesting anyone was receiving information from such an organization at all. I’ll just let you read it for yourself. Yes, you can find this information on the internet anywhere. The issue here is the fact that some scientists or researchers or somebody at CRU received this email. We don’t know who necessarily, but someone received it and signed up for regular updates and newsletters.

I have no commentary to add really other than this reads like a sci-fi plot … but no, these people are for real. You can’t make this stuff up … yes, A Global ‘Utopia’ is desired by at least one of the members of the CRU it appears. Do you think it’s a coincidence that the new EU President (a position just created) is calling for the ‘global management of our planet‘? I’m just asking because officials are now openly talking about this stuff. Maybe we should pay attention to what they’re doing and pay attention to what happens at Copenhagen and pay attention to what President Obama does at this meeting.

I realize this email is from six years ago. But the agenda hasn’t changed one iota. And again, the issue here is that any scientists or workers are signed up to receive emails from this kooky organization at all:

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What Are We Supposed to Make of This?

Hear it from the man himself, Al Gore … “One of the ways it will drive the change [climate change policy] is through global governance and global agreements.” (At the 1:05 mark):

Now hear Dick Morris speak to the economic side of this “global governance” as well, during the G20 meeting in London this past spring (nevermind the intro and outro portions of this video, just watch the discussion with Hannity and Morris):

I do not want to draw any illogical conclusions from this, like many are on the internet. I’m just taking information and sorting through it.

First we have the great climate change marketer/fear-monger master himself tell us, in his own words, that global governance will drive the change needed to cap carbon emissions, in order to stop the Earth from burning us up or whatever. Global governance. Gore said it.

Then we have Dick Morris, a respected political commentator who was also an adviser to the Clinton administration, say that the draft agenda from the G20 meeting in London states that they want to put our economy (the US economy) under the control of the World Bank and the IMF (International Monetary Fund).

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Why the Concern Over Global Governance?

In all reality, we’re already there to some degree. The infrastructure has been put in place for the past 50-60 years. It’s getting switched on now. When a global governing body, in this case the WTO, begins dictating to nation-states when they can and can’t fine other countries, whether one country owes another or not for perceived violations of international law, you no longer have a handle on your own nations’ sovereignty. Found this very interesting. From WSJ.com: WTO Allows Brazil to Fine U.S. (Archive)

American goods will face around $295 million in annual sanctions as a result of the United States’ failure to eliminate illegal subsidies to U.S. cotton growers, the World Trade Organization ruled Monday.

The question though for all of us is, how much further will it go? And how willing is our own government willing to give over even more sovereignty to these global governing bodies? And how does our Constitution play into this?

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