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Insightful Emails I Receive

“Subject: Ever Think About a Different Domain Name?

Message: You know that David Westerfield is also the name of a convicted child raping murderer on death row at San Quentin? It was a huge case 6 or 7 years ago. Just a little ‘Fun-fact’ for you to chew on. Keep on keepin’ on.”

With all due respect … nooooo, really? It’s not as if I haven’t done a Google search on my name before 🙂

My response:

“Trust me, I’m very well aware of it 🙂 thanks for letting me know though … and no, I’m not changing my site name, haha :)”

I get quite a bit of traffic just from people searching that name and stumbling across my site actually … it’s a traffic driver. Why would I change it? 🙂

The Unviewed Viewer

Or so he thought.

Last night I had one of the more terrifying experiences in my life. It was about 10:15 pm and my wife went into our master bathroom. I was at the desk in our bedroom (connected to the bathroom) reading on my computer. As she went in she looked over to the textured, translucent window in the bathroom thinking she saw something move and noticed someone looking in, or attempting to at least. She yelled out one of those volume-controlled, startled, terrified yells, and said, “There’s a man in the window!” but didn’t say it loud enough that he heard her, because he stuck around.

It had not quite registered in my mind what she yelled initially. I just thought it was a bug, maybe a scorpion or tarantula or something a little worse than the normal roach, but not some guy in the window. Sitting at the desk, with my back turned away from the window, I quickly turned around and saw the guy. Because the glass is textured you can’t see people clearly looking from the outside-in, but you can see colors, shapes, etc. So he really couldn’t see a lot. But the closer to the window you are, the better you can see people. And so we clearly saw him standing there trying to do some peepin’.

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Shack Author William P. Young Explicitly Denies Penal Substitution (MP3)

Interview conducted by Kendall Adams with William P. Young, author of The Shack: http://rock-life.com/files/shakcomp.mp3

(To hear the specific denial, fast-forward 16 minutes into the audio)

I realize many people have a love affair with The Shack. I know some of those very people. They find it to have really given them a ‘fresh’ perspective of God and see Him in a new light, especially in the midst of suffering. As with The Purpose Driven Life, I Am Second, etc., though there are legitimate concerns about the methodology of each, I do not doubt this also can be used by God to bring people into maybe hearing about the Gospel clearly from someone else, you know, a friend or something. The Lord used TBN as an instrument in my salvation, even with Tammy Faye Baker’s busted up hair and make-up. So we have no clue how the Lord may work in others lives to reveal the truths of the Gospel. He can use broken truth presentations of all kinds to reveal Biblical truth. It is His work alone after all, right?

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And Here Come the WordPress Spam Bots

POST /wp-comments-post.php 302

It sure doesn’t take long for the automated comment spam sentinels to get their tentacles out there and start prodding a new system to see where they can post their annoying overseas mail-order Viagra/Cialis ads. Good thing I have the ModSecurity web app firewall running and captcha protection. Otherwise, there would already be a lot of these things. Doesn’t mean I’m fool-proof, but it certainly does help with a majority of the junk data out there from landing on my site.

The Annoyance of WordPress Revisions – And the Fix

After getting this new blog up and running, I noticed one of the features that was added in version 2.5 of WordPress: revisions. It got me to thinking about how the database was impacted after moving all of those entries over. After running a query in the DB, the result came back with 1723 rows, yet I only have 684 entries. The rest (minus pages and attachments) were all revisions of blog posts and pages. Each revision is a full blog entry. Over time, that could add up to a lot of data, depending on how often you post entries and how many revisions you create in the process of each post.

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Welcome to the New Blog!

After hours of tedious work moving blogs over from the old platform and customizing the look and feel, here’s the new blog. Hope you enjoy it. The search function works way better than the last one as well, so check it out!

For those of you who connected via the RSS feed on the old site, you will need to use the new one instead, located here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/DavidWesterfield?format=xml

If you linked to my site from another page, the article still exists in the archive here, but you will need to search for it and then update the link with the new permalink URL.

Happy New Year!

Wow, 2008 went by fast with a lot of dramatic events. I pray this year is productive for the church in ministering the Gospel to a dying world, that the Lord would continue to prod us all toward holiness and, that by His grace, we would find the final freedom and acceptance in the promises of the Gospel that would make us productive for His glory. Have a great year!

For everyone’s information, I am currently in the process of converting over this current blog to a new blogging platform that will make writing on here much more versatile and simplistic. This is going to take some time as I have some design considerations to mull over and I have to convert over 682 entries (164 of which are already done). All that to say, I may not write anything for a little while until I get that done and get the new site up and running.

A Honest Criticism of My Own Life

(Original): http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/art … l?id=69230
(Archived): http://www.westerfunk.net/archives/theo … 0Humility/

After reading this article by Keller, and reading more in The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges, I feel like too many times, what I write on here fits the mold of what Keller and Bridges describe, and this is deeply convicting to me. After reading Keller’s article, I feel like for a second I had an outside perspective of the way others may be perceiving how I come across as well as the way I truly am sometimes.

As I posted recently on here, my blog compromises only a small fraction of my life. But regardless, how I come across may be exactly how some people view me all the time: arrogant, frustrated, self-righteous, etc. I don’t feel like this most of the time, but in all honesty before people reading this, I am that sometimes. This is sin and I deeply need the grace and mercy of Christ provided in His cross and resurrection to cleanse me.

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The Downside to Blogging

One thing I have increasingly observed and noticed among people who comment or send me messages is that they perceive my blog to be my entire summed up thinking. In all reality, this site is like 1/10 (perhaps an even higher ratio, like 1/15) of my total summed up spiritual life. That is to say, my blog is simply a sounding board for whatever the subject is I happen to be thinking through at the moment. I could honestly care less if anyone reads it, it’s just more of a public diary of thoughts. Yet this does not mean this is the only thing I’m thinking about concerning my life in Christ. I’m just writing on whatever the particular subject is I happen to find important. It seems some people perceive bloggers as sitting behind a keyboard, brows furroughed, gritting their teeth, sweating in angst. Many are, but I don’t think I’m one of them. I’m supremely happy in Christ and joyful in the Lord and what He’s accomplished for me. It’s what drives the things I do. Do I struggle with anger, my own misery? Surely.

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Technologies and Services That Run the Westerfunk Operation

Why is it I run these sites? Well, the main reason is for experimenting and having a sandbox to play in that is available on the internet. I test all kinds of new (and old) technologies in order to grow in the knowledge of my field. And trust me, it has helped a lot to have a hands-on environment to work in. With that said, here is a run down of the technologies I use to make my websites and servers work. This didn’t happen overnight by the way :]

1) AT&T

They provide the internet connection at my house that I host my sites on. Yeah, it’s just a DSL connection with a slow upload speed (thank goodness for html gzip compression!) and I don’t get a ton of hits, so it works … at least for now. I am essentially my own hosting facility (if you can even call it that with my overkill of three whole servers, one of which is an old laptop used primarily as an audio streaming server). Hopefully I’ll be getting U-Verse one of these days and get the 1.5 Mbps upstream … sweet.

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