(Last Updated On: October 12, 2009)

Hear it from the man himself, Al Gore … “One of the ways it will drive the change [climate change policy] is through global governance and global agreements.” (At the 1:05 mark):

Now hear Dick Morris speak to the economic side of this “global governance” as well, during the G20 meeting in London this past spring (nevermind the intro and outro portions of this video, just watch the discussion with Hannity and Morris):

I do not want to draw any illogical conclusions from this, like many are on the internet. I’m just taking information and sorting through it.

First we have the great climate change marketer/fear-monger master himself tell us, in his own words, that global governance will drive the change needed to cap carbon emissions, in order to stop the Earth from burning us up or whatever. Global governance. Gore said it.

Then we have Dick Morris, a respected political commentator who was also an adviser to the Clinton administration, say that the draft agenda from the G20 meeting in London states that they want to put our economy (the US economy) under the control of the World Bank and the IMF (International Monetary Fund).

Putting these two statements together, what are we to make of what is going on before our very eyes? What are the financial regulations about to be imposed upon our economy by the Obama administration? What kind of changes will they make? Where will we be after they are implemented?

Also, based on the information above, what makes us think that the dollar’s demise, being reported on in the past week in particular, isn’t by design in moving us ever toward some new form of global governance? I’m not saying it is by design, but based on the information above, it certainly appears to be. Is this exactly what the G20 wants and is in fact making it happen? Appears to be.

I don’t want to jump the gun to say such a global government would be oppressive or authoritarian of necessity, as many will immediately want to say and in fact are saying. But certainly, if such a form of global governance is being forged before our eyes, is it subverting our Constitution and putting us under the ultimate authority of a governing body that does not have our best interests at heart? If we become a lazy electorate, aren’t willing to question our representatives and hold them accountable, and instead get distracted by a thousand other things coming from the entertainment world, or news that is just unimportant, why would we expect everything to not go bad at some point?