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Cabo Sangria


This is a recipe I’ve modified from my original based on a trip to Cabo a few summers ago and I’m finally putting it to print. We learned from a waiter at Pueblo Bonito Rose how they made their Sangria so awesome. Turns out, this is even better than my original Sangria recipe. Ingredients: 2 bottles… Read More

Westerfield’s Sweet Sangria


1 Bottle Llano Sweet Red Table Wine (or comparable) 1/2 Cup Vodka, or more to taste 1 Bottle Pellegrino Sparking Water 1 Large Orange (2 small) 2 Limes 1 Large Lemon (2 small) 1 Green Apple 3/4 Cup Sugar,  add more to taste after putting everything together before chilling. A large, preferablly glass pitcher for… Read More