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QE∞ and Other Insanity

And what does a retired Lt. General, William Boykin, who worked for the CIA and DHS think? You can’t make this stuff up. BOYKIN: “Well, I think that’s a very real possibility. And I will be very honest with you- the situation in America could be such that martial law is actually warranted. And that situation, in… Read More

The Dawn of the Nanny State

Mom told she can’t watch friends’ kids – UPI Found on Drudge Report: This was not a drill … they used these LRAD sound weapons on the protesters at the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh … this is one such clip of its actual use: Fusion Centers: the “fusing” together of federal and local law enforcement,… Read More

Our Computing Environment is Already Compromised

(Original): http://homelandsecuritynewswire.com/single.php?id=8200 (Archived): http://www.westerfunk.net/ … common%20language/ “The former cybersecurity director at DHS had some sobering words last week about the battle for cybersecurity. ‘We lost,’ the former director, now chief executive officer of NetWitness Corp., said at the Symantec Government Symposium in Washington. ‘We lost the cyber war over the last 15 years. Our computing… Read More

Concerning Language from the DHS

Update: on second thought, it’s probably not nearly as bad as I’m making it out to be in this. You know how sometimes you realize you’ve written something that probably isn’t totally the case? Well, I’ve had some second thoughts about what I’ve written here. I’ll leave it intact though so you can see how… Read More