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Matt Chandler’s Talk at Elevation Church, Censored by … Elevation Church, For Your Viewing Pleasure

It does appear Elevation Church now has the talk up. But upon completion of the revival, it wasn’t there and based on evidence, was intentionally omitted from publication. Guess it wasn’t seeker-sensitive enough. What I like is the fact that the audience seems to respond well to being told their so sinful in light of God’s God-centeredness, though toward the end, it does get a bit quiet (conviction seems to be happening).

God is about God. We get to be a part of that in Christ.

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  1. Douglas Panneton

    January 29, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    I thought it was revealing that when he started to go through the law – The MUSIC started playing – like….”ok, wrap it up now”

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