In a study published in April of this year, a group of scientists claim to have found active thermitic particles in several separate  World Trade Center (WTC) pyroclastic dust samples (the white dust resulting from the collapse of the two towers). What is thermite, you ask? Well, just go here (wikipedia) or watch a video here and here to see what it does. I have sent this research paper to a friend of mine attending Georgia Tech to send on to the School of Chemistry there to check on 1) the respectability of the journal in which this study was published, 2) if this is a real or fake study, and 3) whether or not the science in this study is valid at all.

I’m not smart enough with chemistry or the scientific processes used here to determine the legitimacy of this information, which is why I forwarded it on to have it examined. Of course, everyone and their dog, with the exception of those in the 9/11 Truth Movement, are going to blast this study as fake, absurd, pushing an agenda, etc. I mean, how outrageous and nonsensical of a proposition is it that our own government would conspire to attack us, the people of the United States (continue reading below on Operation Northwoods)? But I just wanted to check on what a top tech school would have to say about all of this, trying to approach this critically.

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